Our History

Serent is a professional internationl development and design agency based in Melbourne, Australia. Building high quality and creative projects is not just an aim for us, it’s a living and breathing theme in our day to day life and in each project we do for our clients.

Serent was started in 2010 by a team of one designer and one web developer. From the start, quality was the number one issue we were concerned about. We quickly built up our portfolio and became one of the number one web design and web development agencies in Melbourne.

Now Serent is working not just in web development industry, but also advertising, digital marketing, printing, search engine optimization and many other fields in the online business.

Our Approach

We undertake a host of diverse projects, spanning a range of scopes and scales. Each and every one of these is treated with the same core values that characterise our company — honesty, integrity, professional advice and quality craftsmanship.

We always strive to build projects that match our clients’ expectations, but we don’t shy away from offering realistic advice when it’s needed.

We are just as honest about our costings — we guarantee that any quote we provide will be completely comprehenstive. There are no hidden costs here, which mean you have an accurate understanding of how your budget will work for you.

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